Oma's Attic

Lower floor cases

Oma is the German translation of "grandmother". My Oma is an incredible and inspiring woman, someone who exemplifies the American Dream. After fleeing Nazi Germany during WWII, she arrived in this country with no money and no formal education. In order to make a living, she discovered two passion areas that could cater to her strengths while circumventing the hardships and limitations of her past: real estate and antiques. Over the years she developed a keen eye for the beauty and mystique of antiques and vintage artifacts. Her house was always full of unique pieces, ranging from lamps to China and table wear to dolls (try sleeping with dozens of porcelain eyes staring at you!). As a child, I never could quite understand all the strange "stuff" in Oma's house, but that's what made it fun. The years have passed quickly, and 2 kids and 6 grandkids later, Oma has officially closed her antique shop. The few pieces of her collections that remain are on display in Cases #111 & #113 (the vintage purses are my favorite). I am thrilled to be able to share such an inspiring and special piece of my family history with you. Stop by and see the some of the "strange stuff" that once filled her home and sustained her new life in the United States. Perhaps you'll find something special, too.